The Youth Opportunity Guarantee: A Framework for Success

This report introduces a Youth Opportunity Guarantee of education, training, and employment for all youth ages 16 to 24 in the United States. After years of extensive research and consultation with well over 100 experts and stakeholders, GCPI has created a framework that integrates secondary, postsecondary, and employment systems to make long-term labor market success a reality for all youth in the United States.

Bare Minimum: Why We Need to Raise Wages for America’s Lowest-Paid Families

This is a report on working people and their struggle to make a living when paid the federal minimum wage. The report makes a case for raising wages that is grounded in history, economics, movements across the country, and the lived experience of our nation’s lowest-paid working people, with a particular focus on eliminating the tipped minimum wage and the subminimum wage for working people with disabilities.