Why the Census Matters for Women & Girls

This fact sheet, published jointly with the National Women’s Law Center, highlights barriers to fairly and accurately counting women and girls in the decennial census and programs that could be impacted by an inaccurate count.

Unemployment Insurance & Protections are Vital for Women & Families

This fact sheet, published jointly with the National Women’s Law Center, National Employment Law Project, and Center for American Progress, shows the importance of unemployment insurance for women and families and suggests changes that would improve the program’s effectiveness for women, their families, and the economy as a whole.

Types of Occupations in Subsidized Employment Programs

This resource, published jointly with the Heartland Alliance, illustrates the wide reach and versatility of subsidized employment programs by highlighting the broad range of occupations available to program participants.

2020 Census Group Quarters Series

The Census Bureau uses a special Group Quarters operation to count people in group living arrangements, such as colleges, health care facilities, shelters, and correctional facilities, to help ensure that group quarters are counted fairly and accurately.

An Accessible 2020 Census: Frequently Asked Questions by the Disability Community About Census Operations

This FAQ—published jointly with the National Disability Rights Network—provides answers to questions we see most often about census operations and accessibility.

Workers in a Factory


Promising strategies for creating more quality jobs


The next generation of tax & benefits strategies


Protecting & advancing inclusive & equitable democratic institutions









“Joined together, poverty and racism have created a toxic mixture that mocks our democratic rhetoric of equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.” – Peter Edelman, Faculty Director

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