Access to affordable health and human services, ranging from healthcare and childcare to domestic violence and child welfare services, are key to our wellbeing, but also affect our ability to succeed in school and work and is essential to strengthening families. Our work on health and human services identifies and advances innovative and promising ideas–from the ground level to public policy–for integrated service delivery that serves individuals and families with critical needs.

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Building the Caring Economy

REPORT | May 2017

Building the Caring Economy: Workforce Investments to Expand Access to Affordable, High-Quality and Long-Term Care

This report proposes caregiving jobs investments to address two national needs: the pressing need for caregiving; and the equally pressing need for good jobs.

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OP-ED| February 2018

America must build a caregiving infrastructure to help our families

Executive Director Indivar Dutta-Gupta and Sarita Gupta (Jobs with Justice) make the case for investing in creating new jobs through a national caregiving infrastructure plan.

OP-ED | June 2017

Building the Caring Economy

Building the country’s caregiving infrastructure would simultaneously address two national needs: the need for care and the equally pressing need for good jobs.

Nina Dastur & Laura Tatum

IN THE NEWS | March 2017

Cuomo’s $1.4 Billion Plan Targets Brooklyn in Fight Against Poor Health and Poverty

GCPI Co-Executive Director Indi Dutta-Gupta was interviewed by the New York Time’s Lisa Foderaro regarding Gov. Cuomo’s planned anti-poverty initiatives.

OP-ED | March 2016

The Evolving Fight Against Concentrated Poverty

Attacking the many issues that confront people who live in low-income neighborhoods is a longtime challenge. It is vital that we support these and other efforts so we achieve a scale large enough to make a measurable difference in the fight against poverty in America.

Behavioral Health

HEALTH | January 2017

Partnership on Behavioral Health with Kaiser Permanente & Mental Health America

The project will bring together experts from a variety of backgrounds to identify the most innovative and promising cross-sectoral strategies for addressing the behavioral health needs of low-income children, women, and families. Issues will include maternal mental health, the child welfare system, and the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Stay tuned for updates on this project.