Why the Census Matters for Reproductive Health

This fact sheet, published jointly with Planned Parenthood, explores some of the reproductive health programs and services that rely on a fair and accurate 2020 Census count.

Improving Education & Income Generation Outcomes for Undocumented Youth: State & Local Solutions

This joint report with the National Youth Employment Coalition highlights state and local solutions to improve education and income-earning outcomes for undocumented youth.

2018 Census End-to-End Test: Results & Challenges for the 2020 Census

This issue brief provides an overview of the results of 2018 End-to-End (E2E) Census Test, often called the “dress rehearsal.” As the last, most comprehensive test before 2020 Census operations begin, the E2E Census Test is fundamental to the 2020 Census’ goal: “to count everyone once, only once and in the right place.”

Reimagining Behavioral Health: A New Vision for Whole-Family, Whole-Community Behavioral Health

In this joint report with Mental Health America, we present a new approach to mental health and substance use care and treatment in the United States.

The Paid Family & Medical Leave Opportunity: What Research Tells Us About Designing a Paid Leave Program that Works for All

This report synthesizes research on paid leave and makes recommendations for designing a national paid leave policy that advances equity.

Workers in a Factory


Promising strategies for creating more quality jobs


The next generation of tax & benefits strategies


Protecting & advancing inclusive & equitable democratic institutions









“Joined together, poverty and racism have created a toxic mixture that mocks our democratic rhetoric of equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.” – Peter Edelman, Faculty Director

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