Census: Race & Origin Questions

Our latest publications on the 2020 Census examine the race and origin questions and why they matter.

Fighting Poverty with Jobs: Projecting the Impacts of a National Subsidized Employment Program

In this joint report with the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University, we find that a comprehensive subsidized employment program would reduce the poverty rate among participants by nearly half.


Libraries’ Guide to the 2020 Census

GCPI and the American Library Association created a resource guide for librarians to use in supporting a fair and accurate count in the 2020 Census. Libraries can play an important role by answering questions about the census, providing access to internet-connected computers, helping to fight misinformation, and more.

The Youth Opportunity Guarantee: A Framework for Success


After years of extensive research and consultation with well over 100 experts and stakeholders, GCPI has created a framework that integrates secondary, postsecondary, and employment systems to make long-term labor market success a reality for all youth in the United States.

Structurally Unsound: The Impact of Using Block Grants to Fund Economic Security Programs

Block grants are fundamentally ill-equipped to support basic living standards compared to other structures, especially those that meaningfully guarantee adequate benefits or services.

Workers in a Factory


Promising strategies for creating more quality jobs


The next generation of tax & benefits strategies


Protecting & advancing inclusive & equitable democratic institutions









“Joined together, poverty and racism have created a toxic mixture that mocks our democratic rhetoric of equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.” – Peter Edelman, Faculty Director

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