Why the Census Matters for People with Disabilities

This issue brief, published jointly with the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), describes the importance of counting people with disabilities in the 2020 census.

Census: Race & Origin Questions

Our latest publications on the 2020 Census examine the race and origin questions and why they matter.

Fighting Poverty with Jobs: Projecting the Impacts of a National Subsidized Employment Program

In this joint report with the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University, we find that a comprehensive subsidized employment program would reduce the poverty rate among participants by nearly half.


Libraries’ Guide to the 2020 Census

GCPI and the American Library Association created a resource guide for librarians to use in supporting a fair and accurate count in the 2020 Census. Libraries can play an important role by answering questions about the census, providing access to internet-connected computers, helping to fight misinformation, and more.

The Youth Opportunity Guarantee: A Framework for Success


After years of extensive research and consultation with well over 100 experts and stakeholders, GCPI has created a framework that integrates secondary, postsecondary, and employment systems to make long-term labor market success a reality for all youth in the United States.

Structurally Unsound: The Impact of Using Block Grants to Fund Economic Security Programs

Block grants are fundamentally ill-equipped to support basic living standards compared to other structures, especially those that meaningfully guarantee adequate benefits or services.

Workers in a Factory


Promising strategies for creating more quality jobs


The next generation of tax & benefits strategies


Protecting & advancing inclusive & equitable democratic institutions









“Joined together, poverty and racism have created a toxic mixture that mocks our democratic rhetoric of equal opportunity and equal protection under the law.” – Peter Edelman, Faculty Director

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