Health challenges pose one of the greatest barriers to economic equity, and economic challenges pose one of the greatest barriers to health equity. Behavioral health and economic challenges limit people’s ability to work, learn, care for themselves and others, and ultimately lead the life they want to live.

In this joint report with Mental Health America, we present a new approach to care and treatment for mental health and substance use in the United States. We introduce a whole-family, whole-community behavioral health approach: a vision of a society that adequately supports mental health, physical health, and social and financial well-being. The report offers leaders in the health care, educational, criminal justice, child welfare and other systems a united policy agenda to ultimately improve health and economic opportunity.

Developed after nearly three years of research and consultation, Reimagining Behavioral Health offers concrete policy and practice recommendations at federal, state, and local levels. The report’s recommendations would create a positive social and economic context for families and empower communities to fully support behavioral health.

Revised Spring 2020