The Trump Administration’s anti-immigrant actions warrant condemnation from decent people everywhere. Policies that separate families, deny basic provisions in border facilities, and take away access to food and shelter are having a deeply destructive, long-term impact on immigrant families and communities. The racism, xenophobia, and cruelty of these policies represent an assault on the most closely-held American values and will be a lasting scar on our nation’s history.

The disturbing situation at the border is part of a broader policy agenda that is harming immigrants and inciting fear in immigrant and non-immigrant families alike, and in communities throughout our country. Just today, the administration released a “public charge” ruling that would force immigrants to choose between their basic human needs—food, shelter, and health care—and the people they love. This presents a threat to economic security and opportunity for everyone living in the United States.

Immigrants have faced an onslaught of attacks from President Trump’s Administration, including the Muslim ban, massive ICE raids, attacks on the Dreamers, threats to hundreds of thousands of immigrants with Temporary Protected Status, mass deportations, denaturalization, and a proposal to take away housing from mixed-status families that could result in the eviction of thousands. These policies are rooted in white supremacy—they tear families apart and create a climate of hostility towards immigrants and people of color. They make all of us less safe.

At GCPI ESOI, we know that achieving economic fairness requires a clear focus on protecting the rights and dignity of all people, including immigrants, people of color, and people experiencing poverty. Immigrants are our co-workers, neighbors, family members, local small business owners, and community leaders. I am an immigrant myself.

Our country is at its best when we stand up for each other. Even in this climate of fear and violence, people across the country are joining hands to fight back. We must continue to work toward a country where everyone has the opportunity to take care of themselves, their families, and their communities. We support immigrants and call on our nation’s leaders to vigorously oppose these harmful measures.