Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality Becomes Two Distinct Centers

For nearly ten years, the Center on Poverty & Inequality has housed two initiatives: the Initiative on Gender Justice & Opportunity and the Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative. Given the unique focus of each initiative, the respective efforts have restructured as standalone Centers, enabling future growth of their work

New Reports Tackle Gender and Racial Bias Embedded in the Tax Code

The tax code in America was largely written by and for a small number of powerful and wealthy white men. These laws comprise a set of hidden rules that help shape our economy in ways that exacerbate or mitigate gender and racial equality. Three new reports by the National Women’s Law Center—in partnership with the Groundwork Collaborative, the Roosevelt Institute, and the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality—investigate the many ways that our outmoded tax laws reflect the elite’s worldview, experiences, and biases at the expense of women, people of color, and low-income families and offer solutions to harness the tax code as a tool for equity.

GCPI Proposes New Solutions for U.S. Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

The report introduces a whole-family, whole-community behavioral health approach: a vision of a society that adequately supports mental health, physical health, and social and financial well-being. The report offers leaders in the health care, criminal justice, child welfare, workforce, and other systems a united policy agenda to ultimately improve health and economic opportunity.

Georgetown Center on Poverty Calls For Youth Opportunity Guarantee To Help Young People Find Employment and Achieve Success

The Youth Opportunity Guarantee: A Framework for Success, highlights the urgent need to establish a Youth Opportunity Guarantee for education, training, and employment. GCPI’s proposal is the first of its kind in the United States, developed after years of extensive research and consultation with well over 100 experts and stakeholders.