Originally posted on The Hill

President Trump boasted in his State of the Union address that his infrastructure plan would generate a $1.5 trillion investment, but he provided few specifics on where that money would come from. From what we know, the federal portion of this infrastructure spending would be paid by cutting existing transportation funding. The plan shifts financial responsibilities from the federal government to localities and relies on the invisible, and often absent, hand of the private sector. It would likely worsen regional inequality because many underfunded areas most needing infrastructure investments will remain unable to attract private investors or raise enough funds on their own.

To be sure, a well-designed infrastructure plan is long overdue to fix our D+ infrastructure, as graded by the American Society of Civil Engineers, but the new plan does not provide real solutions, nor does it address our nation’s great need for an ambitious jobs strategy. We’ve got an idea that holds far more promise: Build a caregiving infrastructure that will actually meet the current and future needs of our families