Fellow, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative

Cosette Hampton served as a Fellow with the Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality’s Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative. Cosette is using her knowledge of policy and data analysis to support various projects, including those focused on youth employment and postsecondary education for people in prison.

Prior to her time at the Center, Cosette served as a field interviewer and assisted with survey analysis with the Black Youth Project’s “GenForward” studies on perceptions of violence among young adults in Chicago. She also completed an internship at the Chicago Housing Authority with Nan McKay & Associates and analyzed poverty and homelessness-reduction policy at the Poverty Lab (Urban Labs). Cosette is also a community organizer and advocate for policies that address state violence against Black women and girls (#SayHerName) and mass incarceration overall. This work led to a project analyzing land redistribution efforts and inequality in South Africa in 2016.

Cosette earned a Master of Public Policy (MPP’19) candidate at the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy with certificates in data analysis, policy analysis, and survey research. She earned her B.A. in Public Policy from the University of Chicago in 2017, and earned the Perry Herst Prize for successful integration of academic studies and community engagement.

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