Policy Analyst, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative
Sophie Khan was a Policy Analyst at the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality’s Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative. Sophie provided research and writing assistance on various projects, including on topics such as health and human services delivery, public benefit programs, and job creation. Sophie has co-authored reports, articles, and blog posts on behavioral health, paid family and medical leave, the census, subsidized employment, and work reporting requirements in SNAP, Medicaid. and housing assistance programs.

Sophie graduated with Honors in Political Science and Public Policy from UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California. During her time there, she was a staff writer for the Berkeley Political Review and participated in the Senior Honors Program in the Political Science Department. She gained expertise disaggregating data related to underrepresented communities of color while researching South Asian American political participation and found that future studies must consider factors other than socioeconomic status when it comes to predicting immigrant participation. Sophie also served as the co-lead data coordinator on a State Assembly campaign in San Jose, California, and interned at the Brookings Institution, conducting research on criminal justice reform for the Place, Race, and Opportunity Project.