Policy Analyst

Adiam Tesfaselassie is a Policy Analyst at Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality’s Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative. She conducts policy research and data analysis to address issues related to economic security and opportunity. Her current research projects focus on caregiving and market power.

Previously, Adiam was a Research Assistant at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. She worked on projects related to the status of women in the states, women and wealth accumulation, and the future of work, and examined how these topics intersected with racial and economic disparities. Adiam’s prior research focused on the experiences of first-generation students in comparison to continuing generation students at Colorado State University. She also served as a research assistant for a Ph.D. dissertation that examined the relationship between students’ social networks and their academic performance, retention rate, and overall college experience throughout the years.

Adiam received her B.A. in Sociology and Economics from Colorado State University.

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