Policy Assistant, Georgetown Center on Poverty & Inequality

A SC native, Donovan is currently a Policy Assistant at the Economic Security and Opportunity Initiative at the Georgetown Center for Poverty and Inequality. He leads research projects on issues related to safety net funding, transportation, and equity. He is currently authoring two reports on block grants and the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI), respectively. Previously, he was at Deloitte Consulting in its Federal Practice, delivering strategic implementations in both the financial regulatory and national security industries.

Donovan is currently completing his M.Phil. in Sociology at Trinity College Dublin as a national George J. Mitchell Scholar. His thesis focused on social movement effectiveness using local media as a proxy for cultural change. He received a BA in Government and BS in Finance from Wofford College, graduating Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude. There, he served as both Student Body VP and President of the Pre-Law Society. Donovan is a Gates Millennium Scholar, Bonner Scholar, PPIA Fellow, and a Truman Scholar – becoming the first person in 25 years to be named as such from his college.

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