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REPORT | October 2017

Counting Everyone in the Digital Age: The Implications of Technology Use in the 2020 Decennial Census for the Count of Disadvantaged Groups

The Leadership Conference Education Fund (The Education Fund) and the Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality (GCPI) are excited to release a new report, “Counting Everyone in the Digital Age: The Implications of Technology Use in the 2020 Decennial Census for the Count of Disadvantaged Groups”. Today’s technology provides both great opportunities to improve the Census, but also presents new challenges in counting everyone, especially members of historically disadvantaged groups. This report details these challenges and provides recommendations for a secure and accurate 2020 Census.

Casey Goldvale & Indivar Dutta Gupta

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Everyone Deserves to Be Counted

Ensuring a fair and accurate 2020 Census is crucial to good research, the allocation of over $600 billion in federal funding, and political representation for young children and their families, communities of color, low-income households, and others that are at risk of being undercounted. The Center provides resources to help make sure that everyone understands how important census surveys are to economic justice and equality in the United States.


ARTICLE | Fall 2015

Poverty & Inequality in America: Why We Should Care & What We Should Do

Two-generation approaches to poverty reduction & the Earned Income Tax Credit, InSight Fall 2015

FEATURE | October 2014

Ten Solutions to Fight Economic Inequality

The center collaborates with DC’s leading experts on poverty and inequality to identify top solutions to ensure a more fair U.S. economy.

Obama Legacy Series

Obama Legacy Series

The Obama Legacy on Poverty & Inequality

GCPI joined with TalkPoverty and other experts to examine President Obama’s legacy on poverty & inequality issues, and look at the challenges ahead.

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