Protecting and advancing inclusive and equitable democratic institutions is essential to our anti-poverty work. We develop policies and strategies that work to preserve and expand voting rights, access to justice, civic engagement, immigration rights, and fair and equal data, among other crucial issues.

Libraries’ Guide to the 2020 Census Brief

Libraries’ Guide to the 2020 Census

GCPI and the American Libraries Association created a resource guide for librarians to use in supporting a fair and accurate count in the 2020 Census. Ensuring an accurate count of everyone in the 2020 Census is crucial for the appropriate distribution of federal funding and for reapportionment. Libraries can play an important role by answering questions about the census, providing access to internet-connected computers, helping to fight misinformation, and more.


Counting Rural America Brief

Counting Rural America: A Guide to 2020 Census Operations

This brief describes the operations that will be used to count people in rural areas. An accurate count of all rural residents is important for ensuring that rural Americans have access to the resources their communities need to thrive.

Cara Brumfield, Sophie Khan


Why the 2020 Census Matters for Rural America Brief

Why the Census Matters for Rural America: Defining, Understanding, and Investing in Rural Communities

Census data help determine which areas are considered rural, help us understand the characteristics of rural residents, and are used to allocate funding for programs that serve rural America. This brief, produced in partnership with The Census Project, explores some of the ways that the 2020 Census will be important for people in rural areas.

Cara Brumfield


Citizenship Question Nonresponse Report

Citizenship Question Nonresponse: A Demographic Profile of People Who Do Not Answer the American Community Survey Citizenship Question

This report shares an analysis of data nonresponse to the citizenship question on the American Community Survey. Nonresponse rates vary by demographic group, but have been rising over time–showing an increased sensitivity to the question. It is expected that the nonresponse rate to the citizenship question on the 2020 Census will be even higher that the 6% nonresponse rate to the question on the ACS, and that the question will make the census more expensive and it’s results less accurate.

William P. O’Hare


Report Accessible Report

2020 Census

Everyone Deserves to Be Counted

Ensuring a fair and accurate 2020 Census is crucial to our democracy and economy. We provide resources informing a broad range of American institutions, constituencies, and policymakers on 2020 Census operations, communities facing disproportionate risks, and the stake we all share in a complete count.

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