Our team brings a diverse set of talents, knowledge, and experiences from the policy, legal, academic, and private sectors.

Peter Edelman

Faculty Director

Indivar Dutta-Gupta

Co-Executive Director 

Laura Tatum

Director, Jobs and Education, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative

Aileen Carr

Director, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative 

Kali Grant

Senior Policy Associate, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative 

Casey Goldvale

Policy Analyst, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative 

Christopher Brown

Initiative Coordinator, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative

Anita Li

Summer Fellow, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative

Sophie Khan

Summer Fellow, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative

Nina Dastur

Senior Fellow, Economic Security & Opportunity Initiative 

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Deep Poverty Core Advisory Group


To help guide the development of innovative ideas for ameliorating deep poverty in America, the center engages members of a Core Advisory Group, comprised of 11 accomplished experts with diverse backgrounds from across the country.

John Bouman

Shriver Center

Sharon Dietrich

Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

Steven Dow

Community Action Partnership of Tulsa

Rosanne Haggerty

Community Solutions

Ruby Mendenhall

University of Illinois-Chicago

Ann O’Leary

Next Generation

Juan Salgado

Instituto Del Progreso Latino

Dixon Slingerland

Youth Policy Institute

Megan Smith

Yale University